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Ridora’s real performance will come to Osaka

I was really happy this

Matsumaru -kun’s moderator was expensive, so I decided to use it normally

Both Shar and Wachi are people in myself.

If you think that the number of participants is small because the ticket is also available on the day, the venue

4 people 1 team x up to 60 teams

The desk is a round table and no chair

And a large number of teams in a large venue

I remembered the old Zep mystery solving

The sponsor seems to be chocolate effect, so you can grab it as much as you want

What a luxury w

We are a couple and a solo male team

There are many staff members

The content is a simple story that you can make as much money as possible with gambling that does not require luck

I’m gambling with a dealer, but it’s super fun to praise not only that person but also the next dealer, “Wow!

To be honest, I wanted to do it all the time

I enjoyed the flash of my mind and went happily all 타이산게임 the time

And the result is A rank

This performance is not a failure or success

I guess it is assumed that beginners will participate

It is a performance that can be enjoyed even at B rank

In my sense, the A rank failed and I was quite disappointed.

It is true that repeaters are looking forward to S + rank in repeat OK performances.

Good performance that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced users

There is no out of the mystery solving casino performance

Ramen shop just below the venue

Chuhai was 100 yen so far, so order

I didn’t want to drink, but w

The char siu is thick