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14,080 yen

Time slip 55 years ago, a slot car race with a electronics center, which is planned with Mr. US, will be used as a stock car, and

The “Denkan on Tamiya Type-A” completed the other day is a wheelbase expansion prototype completed in May this year with the six units released on the entry, the old original (wheelbase fixing or changing) and the copy. It will be a series of series for me.

I wanted to spread “DENKAN” to the current world, and exhibited the prototo at the auction (tomorrow is the last day). Of course, it’s fine to have a collection without participating in the race. If you are interested;

Yahoo auction! -1/24 Chassis Complete Kiki for stock cars … (yahoo.co.jp)

Actually, the original chassis has been restored several times, the motor has been replaced once, and the foil is the same size and the same dimensions from Tamiya original at the time, and the 0.5SQ and thin lead wires are also 0.5SQ. It was double a few years ago, and the guide has also been changed to a jet guide that is easy to replace brush.

When I drove a few years ago (although the voltage and the course were different), I didn’t feel much difference, but I felt that the sense of stability (power and corner work) had improved since ancient times.

There is no problem with Tamiya’s black guide to the exhibited prototype, but this time was designated by his official Tamiya or Meijiya guide from the official.

So, no matter how much the original, the original is not a specified part and it will not be fashionable.

I decided to return the modern parts of the chassis, and this theme work.

By the way, the guide shoe was also called a collector shoe a long time ago. In terms of electric / architecture such as door sashes and elevators, the groove side is called concave guide, protrusion is called convex shoe, and it is correctly a collector shoe because of the meaning of a power collection device.

However, in the slot car, the groove was exactly the slot, and the guide was shorter and easier to say the guide than the collector, so it was a good idea to say “guide” in Japan and the United States. . Isn’t it a tokoro?

The Meijiya guide shoe used this time was used by Musashino, who swept all Japan in ’68. The material is similar to Gakken’s bearing “Luron”, and feels smooth as if it was kneaded with molybdenum or graphite on resin.

However, at that time, the accuracy was not pitchy, but it was easy to play with pong, so it was a little device.

Therefore, drill a hole in a paper file, paste it on the foil, and make the seat surface of the pillar and smooth.

If you leave the granulated surface of the guide pillar with a magic, you can see where it was cut.

By the way, the jet guide pillar in use is 3/16inch, that is, 4.8mm.

’60 The domestic guide pillar at the time was a well -known φ3 mm diameter.

If 바카라 you use an AYK adapter, it is perfect if you only have a diameter adjustment.

As expected, there are things that have just supplied parts to both Japan and the United States. However, there was a problem with thickness, so we decided to use a 3mm spacer and washer together.

↑ The right is made by 60s Meijiya. The diameter is different, but there is no stoppage.

In the past, if the guide remains in the slot while only a spin from the drift and 180 degrees (is it lucky or bad instead of a complete course out?) . Some people may have such an experience.

Well, there were Yakara who spin again from the reverse run and returned to the straight direction, and returned to the race (**;)

↑。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 .

↑ Match the thickness so that it does not play ↑ Use the hole to attach the plastic plate stuffer

↑ It fits perfectly! ↑ Fix the plastic plate stoop with screws.

↓ Become a stoop like this. The angle adjustment is a cutter.

↑ SDGs, the spent brush drills a screw -type hole and reused.

↑ I was able to rebate in the 60’s.

By the way, the ancient Shirokane raceway was not only a long course, but also using truck batteries for power supply, and the voltage appeared more than 14-15V (although it was an analog meter).

Before the Mabuchi 36D “Red Line”, and 26D became popular, the enthusiasts at the time would not be able to benefit from high voltage, such as FT-16 and 36 hair, so the enthusiasts at that time were Katsumi and Miyazawa’s electric electricity. You can also understand that you like Seki Motor.

However, no matter how good a big motor, the brush is a small diameter and he is a fine spring. The article at the time was also easy to brush, so there is no need to worry.

The current cool circuit will not exceed 12V, and it is important to see how organizer US will set the voltage.