Arakan September physical condition management.

Reduce winter health risks.

Already, rather than Autumn Holiday

More than Christmas holidays

More than New Year events

A safe and peaceful winter.

The physical condition of the base is the most important.

I wonder why this season is so busy every year every year.

Remote work today.

Ice tea while sunbathing barefoot on the terrace.

The tea leaves are Darling Rinse Cand flash.

Rock ice and lemon in dark eyes.

I love the sound that hits the glass and the Karan Kalan.

Pool in front of me is fine, but the mosquitoes are likely to increase (͡ ° ᴥ ͡ ° ʋ ʋ ʋ ʋ) Don’t forget to take medicine every month.

I love the glass because the sound is good, the cut is beautiful, and the contents look beautiful.

Heavy, hard to wash, missing when falling down, thin edges and missing as soon as it hits something, splattering when dropped and cracking and fragments are wider than expected, broken debris is very fine, sharp and dangerous. Such.

I think it depends on the type of baccarat glass, but there is stress, danger and attention.

Maybe only me who is clumsy.

The difficulty of cleaning up after cracking. I don’t use it anymore! I think so.

and. I like sound and reflection, use it again, sometimes break …

Surely it will not be used someday.

It’s just such a thing ⁽⁽ଘ (ᵕ) ଓ

Sleep is important.

Sleeping becomes active, so I want to be careful about lack of sleep.

However, the number of hours to sleep varies from person to person, depending on the day, so the best thing is that you have the degree of freedom to sleep when you get sleepy and wake up.

It means that you are not tied to time, you are not tied to laws or common sense.

This is the openness of the night before the holiday.

The rhythm similar to others is a family.

There are people who are good at routine and those who are not good at it, so the personal swing is large.

Whether you are a couple and have a separate bedroom, the person who is the same depends on the tolerance of individual differences in sleep.

Many people renovate the room after the children have left the nest and do it in the bedroom?

Just changing the lighting and the curtain will make 더존카지노 you look like a bedroom.

Lighting is indirect lighting and floor light. Curtains are solid light -shielding.

If you want to wake up in the sunshine in the morning, it is just right to open the curtain in the lace and open the curtain a little and sleep.

The dog …

I’m sleeping together and I’m waking up in the morning, but is it okay ( /^ω^) /(ᵔᴥᵔ)

It is (#^ω^) that is woken up by each other by each other.

☆ West style Koda therapy

With no futon with a wooden pillow, make it a body where you can sleep directly on the floor.

This is the same as a dog, so I fell asleep with the dog, right?

Challenge several times. Summer only.

There is no problem with tatami mats, but the flooring hurts.

It’s like sleeping between boards, so even if you sleep like a dog, you’ll have a painful body. I don’t know if it’s good for your health, but the mental you can sleep anywhere in an emergency is strong.

☆ Respect, outdoor people.

I’m impressed that people climbing, camping, and body and mental are strong.

I think I can sleep because I’m tired.

If you’re tired, you can really sleep anywhere.

But I think the physical strength that has recovered by the next day is wonderful.

I was worried about my friend on my last blog, but please be assured.

Comments and A10 also received direct power.

Thank you.

I wrote a little misunderstanding, but the end of the year is just a trip.

I haven’t planned a permanent residence 바카라게임사이트 yet.

Please be assured.

By the way, yesterday’s event, why don’t you go to Noh for TKG touring from Mr. Nakai?

And LINE came.

I have been doing my house in the morning and I still have a lot of things I want to do.

I will go with the actor, Ikeda, and three people,

I called Mr. Ikeda and prepared for Ikeda’s house and went out.

If you try to get out of the side road, you will feel uncomfortable with the accelerator!

The engine does not blow even if you twist.

Oh, it’s a wire!

Turn off the engine and remove the crottle valve of the cab to check.

It’s okay!

This was cut the wires with a good length, made drums with aluminum pipes and fixed them with solder.

Do you want to do so so far?

But it wasn’t off.

Did the drum on the grip come off?

I thought, but when I pulled the wire, the through and the inner wire came out.

It’s cut, not off! Sweat

Ikeda -san made a hunter cub, but since there was a box later, the two did not leak.

Mr. Nakai came with a cross cub, but there is a box!

Why are everyone with a box?

It’s just about two stations by train, so do you want to go home by taxi and pick up by car?

Ikeda says that he has the same symptoms in Harley and ran the wire around the accelerator grip!

Eh, why not try it?

I fixed it with a tape like a shooting, but I came back with my finger in this state.

Is Ikeda fixed with insulock? I went,

Isn’t it scary to rush in the slot open?

Then it’s better to release your finger and don’t blow the engine!

But I managed to go home.

And when the throttle is broken,

The drum part remains! Is it natural?

I’m at the root!

Would you like to make a wire again?

Why don’t you buy a throttle and wire for Mr. Nakai? I was told, but …

I make it because I have a lot of length!

But I should have bought an aluminum pipe for 1m, but it doesn’t come out.

Isn’t it faster to buy a new one?

It was such a fall.