“Mr. Nika”, who was proud of the right, continued to leave from the translation factions facing the distress, and inherited the constituencies.

Former Secretary -General of the Liberal Democratic Party’s secretary -general in October last year, the former secretary -general of Toshihiro Nikai, who has become the anti -mainstream “cold rice group,” came here to whisper the crisis of political life. There is. Hironari Seko, who is aiming for a new constituency to run, the Secretary -General of the House of Representatives (photo: JMPA) The retirement of politics in the next lower house election is considered to be the default route, and it is difficult to inherit the constituency directly on 바카라 the second floor. Because it is being regarded. Mr. Nika’s local Wakayama Prefecture has reduced the number of small constituencies from 3 to 2 due to “10 increase and 10 reduction” to correct the disparity of one vote. In addition, Mr. Hironari Seko is aiming to change the riding in the new constituency of Mr. Nika, and the battle of “Senko on the second floor” is strongly said that Seko is dominant. The situation of the second floor, which was called the “political run -in temple”, reigned as the LDP’s highest powerful person in the Yoshiyoshi Suga administration, Shinzo Abe. As Mr. Abe described as “the party with the most political technology in the party,” he was afraid of the “endangered species of politics” because of the strongness of the Showa politics. However, after actively incorporating a non -faction or former member of the Diet, “I will not refuse what comes,” the second floor school, also known as the “Running Temple,” came here. The number of withdrawners has been settled in the LDP FBs, and the successors are uncertain and have begun to be regarded as “on the verge of dismantling” (experienced ministers). For this reason, if the ruling party secured the majority of the ruling party in the Upper House election, and if Prime Minister Kishida’s “golden three years” became the reality, he is now 83 years old for the next lower house election, which is expected to be three years later. There is a lot of possibility that Mr. Nika, who has the two floors, will fall into the “crisis of desperation that loses constituencies and political life at the same time” (Liberal Democratic elders).


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