Korean professional baseball celebrating its 40th anniversary

There are things that are difficult to defeat easily in heavy reality and heavy daily life. The same is true of the areas of symbols and interests similar to those such as primitive demands such as appetite. For me, movies and baseball are like that. With the development of technology, the media environment improves, so there is no need for a high cost to enjoy two things, and the results and evaluation do not directly affect my life, so as a long time hobby, as a symbol, and affectionate. It was.

Today I want to talk about baseball after a long time. It has been 40 years since the opening of professional baseball in Korea this year. Although it began with criticism of the military dictatorship, it was a long time to take a long time in the daily life of baseball fans. Even after a year, I did not count my age, but I was surprised to see that the commemorative cycle of an event and the store that I was very young were old. Because I face it in an unexpected place.

Before, I had shared about the reason why I like sports called baseball. For this reason, we heard about the people -centered people who scored by a non -ball, equal consciousness that all members must wear the same uniform, and the reflection of everyday life that converges to the average when the year is finished with the most games. Together with him, the sport of baseball has another feature. It is a very close sport with ‘numbers’. The point also worked as a characteristic that fits well with personal tastes.

Baseball is ‘numerical play’?!

The sport of baseball has a lot of toxic ‘numbers’. It is not an exaggeration to fill the 9th round, even if you play the most rounds of the balls. And each team will play 144 games a year. All the acts you do while throwing and receiving the ball are the official indicators and are measured and granted to the team as well as the individual. The number of 코인카지노 indicators that you know is measured and managed on a variety of indicators, including odds, batting average, on -base percentage, long -term, average ERA, and home runs, steals, hits, strikeouts, and number of thoughts. As Peter Drucker says, there are many things that can be ‘measured’, and it is very similar to corporate management and institutional operation, which is relatively emphasized for the importance of ‘management’.

For these reasons, baseball is also called the most capitalist sport. Of course, the operation of professional leagues in the United States, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan and the management of each team are more complex than other sports. So the big trend of baseball these days is that there is no big disagreement with “data baseball.” Regardless of whether it is positively accepted or critical. We are accepting “data” similar to companies in complex and changing modern industrial ecosystems.

However, if you are watching recent broadcasts, sports newspapers, and comments of broadcasting, you will often get laughter. In the history of data management consulting in its own baseball light, ‘fake’ and ‘shells’ are placed. In particular, the craze of Sabermetrics, which was late in Korea, is noticeable. A commentator from a baseball player was funny and bitter to see that a statistician named Saber was made. The story will be postponed later. )

In order to introduce indicators, methodologies, and analysis methods, there must be an essential priority process. For the establishment and application of numerical models, not only the field technology of ‘baseball’, but also the basic mathematical thinking ability of ‘statistics’ and ‘data’ are essential. However, I rarely see people from a baseball who is exposed to the media or with these two basic competencies. So even in 40 years, the player’s performance, the league’s ability to operate, and the consciousness of the members seem to be unfortunate. It’s a pity.

“Data” is different from simply “Figure”

As numbers accumulate in baseball and the league becomes professional industrialized, you will feel poorly and regret for the measurement and analysis of records. As a result, the development of the game theory of social sciences and the methodology of statistics was the emergence of various indicators/matrixs. Liveball and Deadball era have different standards, but the introduction of this indicator is also a characteristic of the discernment. There is also a cause of academic and deep approach to the essence of baseball, but the introduction of indicators is very deeply touched with “money.” The influx of capital caused capitalist thinking deeply involved.

The desire for indicators in baseball, which began in the Great Depression, is related to money. The lack and poorness of the interpretation of the baseball game and the overall interpretation of the league’s baseball game and the self -defense rate were dissatisfied with capital investors. Capital has a habit of measuring how much value is input from what process and transformation. In other words, it began with the desire to convert the value of a pitcher pitch, one hitter, the value of hits, and the value of strikeouts into money. The Sabermetrics, which runs from the legacy and traditions, is also expressed as the value conversion index. It is a method of giving a certain value to the value of hits and hits. Nowadays, the OPS (on -base rate+batting average) or Whip (average permeability per inning), which is a player from athletes and journalists, becomes a ‘classic indicator’ rather than ‘Seybermetrix’.

In this way, ‘data’, which is talked about in modern baseball, contains the ‘number’ of the arithmetic average and the cumulative sum. Mainly, the basic unit of measurement is ‘action’, but if you don’t talk easily, all the acts of throwing, hitting, running, and catching are measured as the basic element of the data, and this is the “story” of the numbers that are considered from various perspectives in order to become ‘data’. It must be included. It is often necessary to act as a valuable data only when the history of information called ‘metadata’ is implied. It would be nice to refer to the things that we talked about ‘digital’ and ‘data’ at the beginning of the posting.


Data’s “DAT” is a third-person single-person in the form of a Latin verb, which means “give”, is a three-person single-person initiative. Datum, which is a passive injection form of Latin verbs, which means “give”, is also a origin of English word data (data). In other words, the meaning of the data of the data is the center of “to give and receive”. In other words, it is a term that can be encompassed from the minimum unit of information with ‘value to be given’ to its sum. It’s hard to be widespread and not caught in hand, but it’s clear that you need to be able to give it to the true data. It should be given, not in your pocket. That’s why ‘security’ is followed by a pair that is essential for ‘data’. -In the text-

However, nowadays, baseball workers, especially broadcasters, directors and coaches, often understand this ‘data’ as a ‘number’, which is just one -dimensional. One of the most ridiculous commentary is that the 30 % hitter has stepped back with two at -bats, so this at -bat is expected to be expected on average. Statistically, the theoretical game theory is nothing more than an interpretation of funny Indians. If a 30%hitter meets a pitcher with a batting average of 20 percent, arithmetic statistics are only 6%chance. Moreover, baseball is not the only object. It’s a multi -dimensional equation that is considered to be considered in recent years in recent economic conditions, similarities on similar situation, alternative probability in the next order, and the unusual stadiums of the grounds, and the weather and the next game.

I need a ‘checklist’ such as ‘card counting’

As a fan of Samsung Lions, I would like to take an unfortunate example. Samsung’s manager Heo Sam -young has a professional player in a one or two years, and is famous for becoming a unusual case that he joined as a front desk and became the manager of the operation team and the head of the power analysis team. It was once known as a self -proclaimed ‘data expert’. However, my individual evaluation is different. This is because there is no professional competency of analysis and utilization of data that fills the lack of field experience. Perhaps the ‘data’ that Huh thinks is that it seems to be a number of ‘numbers’ that have been accumulated in their teams and laptops.

On June 4th, Doosan’s game was such a close example. The starting brass pitcher shakes and scores seven runs in the beginning and scored three goals immediately. 4 times starts. This is Lee Jae -ik, who saw a failure two days ago to replace the pitcher. Since I’m losing the game, I think that I think that I can save Pil Seung -jo and the core power, and the batter is a left -handed batter, so it is considered that the left -handed hitter is strong in old myths and cumulative records. However, the recent defeat has fallen and the mentor has been weakened by the afterimage of Blon Save. Again, 2 runs. Only then will we upload Roh Sung -ho with a good position. Kim Seung -hyun, who has restricted the number of pitches and has recently failed. Facts are overlapped and 11 points are made.

In a sense, you can save your power for the 144 games for a long season, and you can prepare for tomorrow. However, Kim Tae -hyung, director of Doosan, makes the opposite choice. Pil Seung -jo candidates will be raised in the 11th point. When Kim Kang -ryul’s pitcher shakes, there is a score difference. The bullpen consumption the day before is similar to both teams. Directors’ decisions are contrary. Kim Tae -hyung’s willingness to qualify for four consecutive games, but I think it’s different. The next day there was a rain and the probability of precipitation exceeded 60%. At 30 %, the number of cases is 60 % in the success baseball. If the last day of the weekend game is canceled, considering the Monday break on the day, it is a good example of cross -data analysis and its decision -making.

I hope you will reflect on the meaning of this case. ‘Data application’ is not a decision on arithmetic statistics of arithmetic computing, but because it is ‘value judgment’ that considers the unit level to its total and external variables. The ultimate goal is to make the ‘sense’ of experienced technicians in the industrial field into data. Because ‘know -how’ is used as standards and standards, it is expressed as ‘persimmon’, which is made by making decisions at the moment of crisis and opportunities. In this sense, Kim Tae -hyung, who is regarded as a long -lived director, may be a director who optimizes data.

One of the most common casino card games is ‘Blackjack’. I sometimes played light games in my personal time while traveling. The reason was because it was a ‘calculation sport’. The sum of the sum of the cards is less than 21, and the opponent plays with the house dealer, not the other players. The probability of this game has already been calculated. If you play infinite games, the odds are 49.25% vs. 50.75%is a game that dealers win unconditionally. However, the reality is impossible to repeat that infinite, so it is not difficult to pick up a plume if the number of cases is pushed into the gap of probability. The method is often called ‘card counting’, which is calculated by calculating the value of all cards on the plate as +,-, and 0, and if it is a specific standard, and if it is not possible, it is a method of giving up. In the case of revealing it, the method of statistical methodology is a certain statistical methodology that will be left and prohibited from the casino house. (There is also a recent Netflix same name.)


The reason why we talk about the blackjack card game is that this ‘statistical analysis decision by probability’ is valid for everyday decisions as well as baseball. Occasionally, we are witnessing wrestling with a huge amount of data from these figures reports and spreadsheets in the corporate environment. Considering this, that takes that, and if you correct that, this is affected, so it’s hard to break. At that time, I recommend ‘checklist counting’ to corporate customers. If you give a plus minus 0, 1,2,3 points with a simple weight, and if the total meets the empirical standards, if you are a hat, ‘Stop’. This methodology is also used for yield management of the world’s best semiconductor factories. In consideration of cumulative stats, situation stats, recent stats, variables and alternatives, stadiums and weather, and weights of the game, you may be able to dominate the ‘probability’ of each situation.

The most important element of data utilization; Veracy

In the 21st century, I listen to the story of ‘big data’. It’s not suddenly happened, but I’m spending 20 years with a new advanced technology. In any case, data analysis and utilization are quite wide. The requirements of big data are usually referred to as 4V (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Varacy). The most concerned element is the timely, red song called Veracy. Yesterday’s data cannot be valid today, and there are many prior considerations to apply others’ data.

Now, Korean professional baseball is using data baseball, and the league is NG. Fans have acquired a lot of information and consciousness is getting more and more conscious. Some U -turn players who have experienced a slight experience in the front, coaches, managers, and the club, as well as broadcasting, journalists, media, and advanced baseball. Of course, it’s not all, but most of them.


It was also said that professional baseball is in the top professional sports league position in Korea and missed who is a real competitor. Professor Yong -bae Dankook University (Sports Management), director of the Korean Baseball Society, said, “Professional baseball is not a domestic sports league, but we need to think about all the content that one person wants to spend time and money.” Finding a reason to go, it should be the starting point to approach the professional baseball crisis theory. ” -In the text of the article-

Korea’s professional baseball, which was once considered to be ‘national sports’ along with A -match, a national soccer game, is facing a stagnation and crisis for many reasons. Last year, in the severe poetry of the 19th blockade of Corona, the event that had a drink in violation of the rules of defense in the expedition accommodation was only one symbolic event. There is no understanding of the structure of the entire industry, and the flimsy job consciousness that knows that it becomes money if it is good to throw, hit and run and run is already impossible. There is still a member who is still in the hostel and enjoys a hocination for the operation of the club, and a major league who receives billions of dollars is often done without boarding the club.

However, thanks to the owner who only needs attention from the world, the salary -included operating cost is twice as high as other clubs. The losses are lost to shareholders of parent companies with connected financial statements. If all of this is considered a general corporate behavior, it is embezzlement and dignity. Even if the terrestrial relay for the expansion of the base, the economic time is advanced, and there are groups that do not have 1 economic logic. It’s ‘data’ to these people. It is a pearl necklace on the pig neck.

It may not be important to our lives. But there are not a lot of fans who share their daily lives. The origin of baseball is talking about the crisis as an industry due to the exterior of the MZ generation. Of the 3 hours and 20 minutes of game hours, the ball moves only 20 minutes, the rules and situations are complicated, and the predictions of the game are always like lotto lottery. Nevertheless, members insist on their treatment and environmental improvement, and even the senior of the forty lines, which are not easy to enter, only pour out stories like their teenagers. The quality of the economy is falling, and the fan service is still the worst, and the casting and comments on the broadcast are forgotten, and the technical stories that have not been learned, or are eager to be individuals and YouTube. It is a total difficulty.

The world has long since entered the era of ‘efficiency’ and ‘efficacy’. If you are out of the criteria, the public will turn away or reject it. Even if you don’t play ‘Bongnori’, the world is fun. In the most capitalist sports that receives billions of billions, and the highest salary players, the most obvious ‘data baseball’ is divided into salary in the most capitalist sports that barely receive the minimum wage. This is why the value of one hit of 2.5 billion won and 50 million won is different. The money comes from the fans’ position, relay viewing, advertiser product purchase, and taxes. This is why baseball workers need ‘professional education’.

Still, you will sit with a place to watch baseball tomorrow again. The fan can’t be selfish. I will always cheer for baseball that resembles everyday life.

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รัก โคตร ร้ สุด ท้ โคตรรัก โคตรรัก โคตรรัก

~ Parking lot ~

BIG, a senior bodyguard that Porsche returns to a multi -story parking lot.

Do you have to watch KHUN Bot and drama? Porsche was disgusted.

I heard that I went to the sauna 해외토토사이트 with Kinn and was surprised.

Porsche regains the mount, saying, “Have you ever been invited? I’ll invite you next.”

I’m probably boiled, BIG.

You seem to be Kinn’s favorite, so give me this, and if there is no response, Porsche will give you a paper bag that you can put it in the room.

~ Kinn room ~

Even if you knock, there is no sign. 。 。

Almost a three -way glass room …

Porsche looks around in the room as long as it is a good opportunity.

When I sat down on the bed leisurely, I heard a crunchy sound, hurriedly hidden behind the curtain …

Kinn has entered the room with the opponent at night.

Porsche is listening to Kinn, who said, “I will forget …” to Kinn, who said that what Vegas told me, and she called out unexpectedly.

Wow, a panty silhouette that can not be put into briefs or bikini pants. The roundness of the ass is a decisive factor, surely.

Needless to say, this is a world seen by Porsche.

Kinn to avoid kissing.

“Never let me kiss me.”

Oh, do you only forgive your lips to serious people?

… I feel like Kinn wants Porsche’s lips (if you have a chance). (smile)

Let’s look at the night view, and this is a Yaga Boy who proposes the real pleasure H unique to the high floors.

When you press the switch at the bedside …

Oh, Open!

(It feels like played with a slow voice ♪ ← I love the house -based YouTube 💗)

Pupup ~~ (´ `)

KINN “Wow, porsche!”

Porsche suddenly appeared, but Kinn was surprised and surprised.

Porsche turns upside down the paper bag from BIG, trying to leave the room without being facing backwards.

The contents were gel and concrete.

Porsche “I’m sorry. It’s a delivery … Please relax …”

Kinn, who looks like this, in a cute and panic of Porsche.

Out of the room, Porsche noticed that he was ridiculed after seeing the waiting BIG.

Porsche “I see, Kinn was gay, did you try to shock me? You’re the worst. Don’t you know that it’s evolving a long time in the world? It’s surprising that there are humans. Seriously, it’s crazy. “

With that in mind, Porsche leaves the room.

BIG glares, regrettable.

The existence of him (BIG) is not only an individual emotion, but also the organization surrounding Kinn, as well as the “jealousy of jealousy of Porsche that attracts Kinn’s interest (may be the bones of any horse).” But it’s noteworthy.

In fact, Kinn was listening to the conversation.

I’m satisfied with Porsche’s answer!

This is the person called Porsche.

~ Porsche and Pete’s room-

But in fact, Porsche was really upset.

I went back to the room and asked Pete (laughs)

Again, I don’t know if it’s a large bath towel or a halfket, but Pete wraps around the waist. The inside is surely no panties. Is this a flag?

(Kinn is gay) In such a well -known fact, on the contrary, it is treated as “I didn’t know you” (laughs).

Finally, in the middle of the night, Porsche has a meaningful feeling, and whether the man was in the room or was to send his partner.


Porsche hardens for a moment.

Suddenly, I came back to my brain that night … I had no memory of that night, something so amazing, strange, and I was a kiss that I had been feeling well all the time!

In other words, I was faithful and perfect in my brain, up to myself.


Did you always remember? (smile)

Porsche “Yabe ~!”

Porsche suddenly shouts.

Pete “What, what?” (゜ _ ゜;)

I don’t know, but Porsche just knows that I’m in a very dangerous situation.

Porsche “Well, can people kiss each other even if they are not dating?”

yeah? Porsche was doing that with the shop customers in one episode, right? Did the kiss skip right?

Which is the nuance that says, “Well, can you kiss each other even with a man who is not attached?”

Pete with a happy and excited gaze with her eyes.

Pete “Maybe you want to kiss me?”

Pete seriously advises Porsche, who imitates kicking and kicking.

The gaze is the upper left. Desperately, I’m trying to remember other Moromoro -attached situations. ( ̄ ▽  ̄;)

Bibi: … what is it?

Porsche: …?


Here, I leave the TK family’s mansion and go outside.

~ Chay (Porsche’s younger brother) Aspiring University-

CHAY who came to the open campus of the Faculty of Music.

The high school student is also cool.

Compared to the surroundings, the height is quite expensive.

By the way, it looks wise.

The highlight is the experiences of seniors.

The senior who has already appeared as a celebrity, Kinn’s younger brother, Kim.

Wik is a pseudonym and Kim reversed. ← The scene to explain in episode 5 has come out!

I didn’t know my friend who came with me, but Chay is a big fan of Wik (Kim)!

Of course, Jeff -kun has a flower.

In the quiz corner after the song and the story, Chay is confident in the answer, but cannot easily speak.

Finally, in the last problem, Chay gives applause from the wik himself with a super -maniac answer that goes further above the answered child. (smile)

Maybe the surroundings are pulling.

After all, the signed T -shirt with the prize is in the hands of the three who answered earlier.

Chay who couldn’t get it.

Chay asks what he wants instead and asks him to be a guitar tutor.

As expected, I couldn’t answer it immediately, and when I tried to return home, “I’m sorry,” I was asked, “Kimi, what is your name?”

If you claim to be PORCHAY, write a sign directly to the shirt (kim)

Kya ~~~! !

The reason I got excited was … maybe I could talk on another occasion (laughs)

Wik (kim) “I hope I can pass”

Chay is happy.

Is this fate? Or inevitable?

~ Cafeteria ~

Porsche is eating a night snack alone at night.

By more, some people thought they didn’t want to meet the most. (smile)

Porsche “Why are you coming to see you recently?”

When he is ordered to stand and stands up reluctantly, Porsche is said to take off his shirt.

Porsche “No”

Kinn “Do you take it off yourself or do you want me to make me?”

Look around the surroundings carefully, confirm that no one is there, and take off the shirt again, and carefully check the wounds of the arm.

I’m thrilled … Porsche’s heart sound is likely to be heard.

KINN “It looks like it’s already cured”

When Porsche nodded small and asked, “Why?”, Kinn ordered Vegas to give his diamond auction as his guard.

Porsche “So, do I have to do tankhun’s bodyguard anymore?”

KINN “I guess I was offended by Vegas and rice. So I returned it to me.”

Porsche, who is conscious, wonder if there is any other meaning.

Porsche “If Tankhun did not return me to you, did you want to get me back?”

KINN “Why do you want to know?”

This person is in a position to get as many things that others want, but what he really wants is a life he often has to give up.

Porsche “I just heard it”

Kinn “For me, all the people here are the same.”

Great mafia.

But Porsche, looking at the back of Kinn, is already aware that there is a different answer, and seems to be the fear of checking the answer.

Porsche swaying.

~ KIM room ~

This silhouette is Kim.

I’m playing the guitar.

I feel that the atmosphere is different from the person in the back during this time, but I wonder if it was a concern.

BIG comes in with the Porsche survey report requested by Kim.

The arms are no longer hanging.

Recently, BIG tells Kinn that there are too many incidents in Kinn, and he feels like an internal passive is entering.

BIG “Do you think Kim thinks the same thing?”

KIM “Oh, I’m suspicious. I’m done, why are you here?”

I say

What kind of body guard is BIG in this house?

(I hope it doesn’t become 100 times hatred because it’s so cute.)

BIG “I’m sorry. Excuse me”

After the BIG who bowed out left, Kim took out the contents of the envelope.

Along with Porsche, I realized that the other day I met Chay I met at a university the other day.

Oh, the correlation board of the stakeholders was hidden behind the portrait.

What is this child’s aim?

Kim puts a photo of Porsche and Porschay on the empty board.

Who was dropped by a red line between korn (head boss) and kan (branch boss)?

Did you have a common subordinate (betrayed)?

Is this family a mafia family going back to the grandparents, great -grandparents, and high -grandparents from the perspective of Kinn?

The red batten is a casino manager who was shot and died during this time.

In other words, this line is under the head of the head family.

The subordinate of the branch house is involved in the incident.

If you think, Vegas also has a line. Is it related to something?

In the past, there was a suspicious incident in the past, and it was already talked about.

Does Bospapa’s speculation be involved in this correlation diagram in Porsche?

Such a suspicious movement is welcome.

~ Charity auction venue ~

TK’s elite BG team coming down from the stairs (bitter smile)

No, I think it’s really cool.

And this person who stands as VEGAS’s bodyguard is an actor in charge of the “person” who often sees it?

Members on the arrangement.

Before the stage: KEN

Auction venue: ARM

Stairs: BIG

Emergency exit: Pete

A little! ! It’s a foul to match the black high neck

Super favorite! !

In such a place,

(*° ་ ། °) = 3.

And bar: porsche

In this way, Kinn’s BG team is really high in good -looking level ~ (laughs).

Even in the same black suit, everyone is standing out little by little.

Porsche in charge of the bar spoke to Pete wirelessly, saying, “If you have such a big event, you should have added perfumes.”

VEGAS noticed that Porsche returned to KINN.

Vegas, who answered that he was just returned because he offended Tankhun, was true, in fact, he asked Kinn to return it, but Vegas is also provoking again.

With the appearance of Kinn’s friend TIME and Tay, the conversation interrupted, and “SaveD by the Bell.”

The auction begins, and the value of the diamond necklace rises as usual.

Tay looks at Porsche and says, “It’s cool today, it’s cool. It’s like Oppa.”

Porsche’s favorite is Barrebare.

… I mean, Kinn, everyone told me that “Porsche has regained and regained”, and I deny it (laughs).

Tay says that you can laugh a little, and you can’t like it, and Kinn, who is a little worried, is too cute.

The bartens mixed something in the glass where they had such a conversation!

The aim is Porsche.

Bartender “How about water?”

Isn’t eating and drinking during mission prohibited?

Porsche to check kinn at a glance.

Kinn “Why are you looking here?

Porsche who is trying to convey with eyesight (laughs)

Porsche: Can I drink water?

Kinn shows a strong smile when asking the question.

Porsche interpreted it as YES.

Oh, I drank it.

~ Toilet ~

Yes, as expected, Porsche came to the bathroom.

Because the drag of the potion was dissolved in water, it was drawn that it was immediate.

↑ In such a huh state, Porsche is covered with a black mask and taken out by someone.

Porsche lying down on the bed.

The more confident of your arms, the more unexpectedly, the more unexpected gaps.

On the other hand, at the auction venue, today’s main necklace “King of Night” has begun.

Finally, Vegas and Kinn duel.

Kinn dropped off at a stretch with 100 million baht.

VEGAS stands in regret.

At that time, Kinn was in the middle of greeting with the BIGs and guards who noticed that there was no Porsche in charge of the bar.

Kinn forcibly terminates the speech and immediately goes to search for Porsche.

It is confirmed that Porsche was taken out of the jacket that had fallen in the toilet.

Kinn to check CCTV.

~ Hotel room ~

A man who still removes Porsche’s black mask that does not return his consciousness.

No, it’s a production that doesn’t show your face, but is that meaningful?

In addition to VEGAS, if there are other whitening men who can hold down the hotel rooms on the day where large -scale auctions are held, they will be overwhelmed! ! (Laughs) ← Calm down! For the time being, this is also a production (laughs)

Man, “I don’t have to worry, I don’t intend to hurt you … a man like me doesn’t hate to force someone. But as a souvenir for Kinn I just want to push it. Probably, a paranoid man like a guy will be angry enough to die. “

Yeah, I don’t forcibly, (from the other person) until I begwl.

Are you worried about the words of paranoia …

Do you want to say that you are relentlessly grudged?

Is that related to the derived red line in the correlation diagram of Kim?

~ KINN and others being searched ~

As a result of tracking CCTV, it turned out to be on the 30th floor of this hotel.

The intelligence of the glasses boys ARM is actually hard to throw away.

~ 30th floor suite ~

Porsche, who is not awakened yet, groaning while groaning.

The “man” covered on the top, Vegas. ← Did you stop lying down? (smile)

“Don’t worry, I’ll be kind”

Porsche looks uncomfortable with the sign that the tongue crawls around the neck.

I eat my teeth and resist with instinct. 。 。

And the head is thrust with the power of the whole body! !

Whether it’s the forehead or the nose, hold it down and wander.

If it’s a manga, it’s a scene where star ☆ * comes out.

VEGAS “Do you like that?”

Yeah, porsche is a spoiled -chan.

I love flirting.

I don’t think I hate being intense, but I refuse painful play and Ray ○.

When Porsche was scattered

A lookout subordinate came to know that “KINN is coming” and it is a timeout.

Vegas leaves with Porsche placed there.

KINs and others who came into the room instead.

Kinn to check the state of Porsche first.

The rooms are confirmed that no one, including the balcony, is not there.

ARM removes the string that ties Porsche’s wrist.

KINN “Check the entire camera in the hall. Capture them tonight!”

Porsche is the words of BIG and KEN and others who offer themselves, and Kinn orders “all of you, go out.”

Well, KENs will be shocked.

Yeah, Perth -kun, a good expression!

Kinn’s order is absolute.

BIG and KEN who have no choice but to leave.

KINN “Can you get up?”

Kinn holds while calling out to Porsche, whose consciousness is stunned.

Porsche entrusts the body as it is.

It’s a big difference from the time of VEGAS.

Porsche vomits in a beat when he is woken up and leans forward.

Kinn does not let the PETEs who offer the cleaning up saying, “I’m fine.”

After all, I exclaimed, “I couldn’t hear my words!”

~ Bathroom ~

Anyway, Kinn brought to the bathroom while taking off everything except the pants and supporting the porsche that is fluttering.

It’s dark m (_ _) m

KINN “Be sure!”

I am also dirty, so I am naked.

Porsche “Why did you take off my clothes?

My body is staggered and sits down on the bathtub, but I know I’m not dressed.

KINN “Okay, take a shower and refresh it!”

Porsche “Oh, did you want to see my nakedness?”

Even if you intend to ridicule, Porsche falls down to Kinn immediately.

KINN “You just spit it out. So take a bath.”

For some reason, Porsche stops at the window glass without entering the bathtub.

Surely, in the eyes of Porsche, the night view looks more illusionary than usual.

Porsche “Sounds, it’s beautiful ~”

Kinn shows her head sideways.

Porsche’s profile, which follows the light that looks sparkling and fluctuates, is like a very innocent and small child.

As it is, Kinn tries to hug Porsche from behind, from behind.

Porsche “Ah, oh, again (laughs)”

Porsche controls Kinn who tries to touch himself.

Porsche “Hey, do you like me?”

I got into the single sword directly.

KINN “My type is not like you, it’s more decent.”

Porsche is looking up.

The face is laughing, and the hand is in the crotch …

Porsche “Da -ka ~, this child is still sorry.”

I was told that it was a sister.

Kinn waved as much as you waved.

Porsche “Oh … were you angry? Hey, were you angry?”

This time, the nipples of the chest directly are sloppy!

KINN “Ah …”

I was more sensitive than I expected (laughs)

Porsche “Okay, even if I touch it …”

Porsche provoking.

KINN “… Which is sane!”

I can’t reach my ears.

Porschehs now, it’s because of the medicine, but it’s hard to determine this cuteness as a nature. Oh, it’s confusing.

If you can’t stand, you’ll get rid of KINN’s chest, so you can’t keep it in the process (laughs).

It’s because of the medicine, but not everyone is good.

I want to touch it because it has KINN’s skin.

(Would you like to compare it again with Vegas?)

Porsche looks up at Kinn.

This moment, the fascinating top to show.

Kinn is a fight against reason.

How do you put up with this?

From a fictional point of view, when the aphrodisiac effect is strong, I say “I will sink”, but this kiss is different from that.

If you say strong,

You, just shut up a little!

Don’t fuel any more!

Well, do you think what kind of meds you drank, checked?

However, it is tasteless and odorless, and it is a wind that is a little thinking, and it is the wind that I think, “(Ah … this guy, after vomiting …).”

Porsche staring at Kinn after being kissed.

That’s not the case.

When you grab Kinn’s neck, you’ll mutter a little, “Hey …”.

It’s a foul to look up so hard.

Porsche “I’ll show you. Serious guy …”

This is the kiss that the person who asked Pete was seriously saying, “Isn’t kissing a kiss between your favorite people?”

Kinn, it’s going to be sucked in. (smile)

Kinn, who is desperately trying to pull, is still not enough at all, and Porsche -chan is going down.

KINN “…”

Porsche “What happened? Kinn?”

Porsche turns to the lower abdomen of Kinn.

Porsche “Oh, hey, I’ve got up.”

I can only think of it as a black hole kiss 💋, but …! !

Porsche “Well, admit that I like me.”

From when I noticed a kiss at the pier, I noticed in my heart before that.

If you are not convinced that you like it, you can’t say it, and you want to ask you.

Porsche “If not, why kissed me on the riverbank.”

Porsche looks like “the consciousness has become clear.”

But you can’t say the answer now.

As usual, the smile of Porsche and white teeth invites and invites. 。 。

⚠ Apology ⚠

I’m sorry. From here on, it is a topic of 18 prohibited scenes, but as you know, the capture of this scene is much more suppressed than usual.

But I’m sure the viewer’s eyes are not visible (laughs)

After a moment of hesitation and silence, Kinn kisses Porsche slowly (while the theme song piano ver.)

Well, it’s just a kiss that makes you want to name the name “I can’t avoid”, but if you think back, you’ll be aware of the two people who have stacked their lips.

After a long long kiss, Porsche puts a chin on the shoulder of Kinn so that it takes a break.

Is this a classic Porsche (to a spoiled opponent)?

And this shadow is too artistic.

The beauty of the two body that emerges in the candle’s fascinating flutter.

In Porsche’s chest, Kinn’s nails that bite are … and they can’t turn back anymore, and somewhere, they seem to acknowledge the negative of this fellowship.

Oh, but, as I deny it, I feel like I’m hugging, hugging, seeking each other, and I personally recommend it.

Porsche drops the kinn bottoms while panting.

Porsche smiles, with nothing blocked, keeps in close contact and hugging each other.

As if it was a signal, the burning body was turned over and pressed against the glass surface.

The time when we shared the cool feel (and we were watching).


Oh, here! … (^_^ゞ

I was trying to put it together neatly, but finally ruined!

e? Isn’t this what you want to tell without an image?

I also used a hidden letter ♪ ( ^ ∇ ^) v

On this day, somewhere on the upper side of this window … again, the history of the BL drama was created.

~ VEGAS room ~

Yes, so I said in the first episode.

“When you take off this drama, you’re really going to take it off.”

Yes, Vegas, who had a head on Porsche, was standing naked in front of the mirror.

I’m shaking tobacco.

The scenes of cigarettes are fresh because I had a long life of “DBK”.

~ Reminiscence ~

The painful expression of Porsche, which is opposed by instinct, ignites the heart of abusive.

The example, Porsche’s whole head, hit Vegas’s chin.

I wonder if the chopped pain will turn into an obsession …

While watching the darkness of Vegas, which is a red moody, I have such a feeling.

And the other thing, “I wanted to put perfume for such a stylish and cool event,” will it remember the scent of VEGAS sometime somewhere?

★ [EP 04] Miscellaneous feeling of the second part ★