About the brand “Three Seven”, which took 50% of the world’s nail clipper MS

Hi brothers, hello to say hello with the seventh article

This is the marketer ‘Kim Dong Sook, Kim Fro’.

In response to the seventh article,

While I was thinking about what I would do, the brand that was noticeable

I brought this brand today.

Yesterday I greeted my girlfriend’s parents.

My girlfriend says that he doesn’t burden because it’s light.

How can I not be burdened?

So I was looking for a suit I left the dry the night before

Take out the shoes that have not been worn for a long time,

After a while, I pack it on my face and make a neat appearance of the dragon.

I prepared for it.

These days, I know that school doesn’t have a dragon test.

Even at that time, from head to fingertips on Monday morning

There was a “Dragon Prosecutor’s Day”.

Every time, some friends always don’t cut their nails

This bite, or to nails on the desk, etc.

I used to do all the stars so I didn’t get scolded.

Oh, suddenly the story is somewhere else.

Anyway, the end of the dragon’s determination is ‘nail’

As a person, I finished all the preparations yesterday

The last procedure to cut your nails with your nail clippers

I finished the preparation.

I finish it all and I try to leave my nail clipper in place

One logo in my eyes!

‘777 (Three Seven)’

Not any casino, but on the nail clippers

Because ‘777’ is engraved

I don’t know if I look at the set of nails

‘777’ is engraved.

Today, I conquered the global market with one nail clipper,

About 80 million to 100 million nail clippers each year

Made about 90% of these exports to countries around the world.


At one time, the global market share of about 50%

Korea’s proud brand

Brand story about ‘777 (Three Seven)’

The time to pretend to know at low tide of marketing

I want to create.


Among the old fairy tales, the most scary and creepy story

Instead, I will think of the story of “Nailed Rat”.

One day, Dokyeong, who was studying at the temple,

I’m cutting, but when the monk comes, I throw away my nails.

He said that bad things would come or wrap it well.

However, Taero did not listen and his nails and toenails

The cuts were thrown into the forest.

Surprisingly, however, the rats that ate the nails

I turned off the real Doyeong,

It is said that he has celebrated several twists and turns.

In some ways, it is not a true pattern

Literally, to keep the hygiene thoroughly

It is a traditional fairy tale.

As such, we have focused on beauty and hygiene since ancient times.


Before the description of ‘777 (Three Seven)’ brand

Let’s take a short history and go over.

‘손’ is exactly by whom

I don’t know if it was.

However, in 1875, a patent from a man named Valentin Four Tea

It was the first (estimated as an American)

Even this was not an invention, but a functional improvement patent

Whoever shouted the first Eureka, it’s still

It is not revealed.

Anyway, at the 슬롯머신사이트 end of the 19th century, several nail clippers

Several patent applications have been made in the United States

In 1896, the chapel Carter in the United States as a ‘nail clipper specialty tool’

It was sophisticated and at the time, the brand called ‘GEM’

It was introduced and the item obtained US patents

It was in 1905.

Nail clippers in earnest while moving to the beginning of the 20th century

Mass production was made

In 1947, the brand called ‘Trim’ in the US Trimsa.

I came to the market and the nail clipper’s earnest

It will be guided by the path of popularization.

What was the first nail clipper in Korea

The low tide of 1953, just after the Korean War, is the most powerful and

After the war, the US military stationed in South Korea

The first American trim’s nail clippers through the US unit

It is said to be spread.


It is not known when humans started to cut their nails.

The perception of nails is probably liberated from labor.

It must have started with very few people ..

So sometimes long nails were also a symbol of dignity.

(When the manicure’s initial use is under the long nails,

Keep it a little to know that it was to hide it.)

If so, it started in the United States and was sophisticated in Japan

How is the nail clipper of a small Korean small business

Could the product re -defeat the world?


The predecessor of ‘777 (Three Seven)’

In 1975, he began with Kim Hyung -kyu, founder.

Chairman Kim Hyung -kyu runs a miscellaneous goods award in Vietnam during the Korean War

In the mid -1960s, he entered his nail clipper business with his brother.

At the time, the trim, a nail nail, was popular.

If you look at your nails, you will be able to make a lot of money.

I thought it was.

But at the time when there was no technology, capital, or machine

The nail clipper was used in the US military unit and the remaining drums were hammered

I tapped it and cut it with a small head.

Wasn’t it bad and didn’t have a good performance?

This was closer to development rather than manufacturing

The proper nail clippers are the predecessor of ‘777 (Three Seven)’

It started and started with Daesung Industrial Company.

(Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. acquired a nail clipper at that time

Chairman Kim Hyung -kyu is the first company to be independent.)

Then, in the name of ‘777 (Three Seven)’

When did it change?

Chairman Kim Hyung -kyu at the time of $ 400,000 in the company.

By exporting nail clippers to the United States,

He was raising his business, but he thought of the company’s future

He judges that he should have its own brand.

So, with some “King Star”

It was also exporting itself.

However, in 1978, the Korea Intellectual Property Office

There are other companies that are used, so change to other trademarks

The notification came, so the brand made

It was ‘777 (Three Seven)’.

‘7’ is a lucky seven that symbolizes lucky luck

It originated from

‘Three’ means’ cloth.

(It means to gather the energy of good luck and all things to gather as a company

I think it wasn’t.)

In addition, the arrangement of 777 is shaped like a person ‘in’

He expressed his aspiration for humanism management

Red and oval are ‘정’ and ‘Earth’, respectively.

It means.

Was it thanks to the 777 brand name?

Three -three nail clippers are at low prices and excellent quality

It has occupied 75%of the US market. (‘As of 2004)

Three Seven is worldwide and ‘OEM export’ and

Although the proportion of ‘company brand exports’ is half

US exports account for the majority of OEMs.

The reason is that if there is no trademark due to the nature of the US market,

Encourage the trademark of Three Sesece because you can’t live

Rather than selling it as a peeling strategy, the quality of the product

It is said that he chose the one.

(Recent cosmetics OEM/ODM company, Cosmax

With this strategy,

Do it.)

The secret of this success of 777 (Three 쎼ven) is ‘quality’.

I shouldn’t ignore the small nails

To make this small tool, more than 40 processes

Of course, to make cars or aircraft parts

Various metal technologies are mobilized.

In particular, there are two major quality power of Three Seven.

1. Torso that does not lose elasticity even in millions of repetitions

2. High hardness of sophisticated nail clippers

* There are no companies that manufacture grinders in Korea

It is put into the process through its own production.

In particular, the core of Three Seven is shining in ‘day’.

The day of the nail clipper of foreign products is exactly accurate

Unlike being interlocked

Three Seven’s nail clipper is 0.02mm in the lower part

It is designed longer.

This is because the lower day is a bit long,

The nails are smooth and the nails are smooth

It is cut.

(At the beginning of the export, foreign buyers have a longer day.

I also walked the claim that it was a product

After demonstrating myself, I didn’t say it again.

The back door of the company’s trade team.)

However, with only one nail clipper with a low unit price,

There was a limit to raising the company’s sales.

(My company also sells low -cost products

Bonnly, there are very few issues such as awning surprises)

At the same time, in Germany, as well as nail clippers

One manicure set, such as nail scissors and ears,

I started selling it.

(For example, in Germany, manicure set as a traditional wedding gift

I buy and give it.)

Chairman Kim Hyung -kyu catches this part

The price is more expensive than the German manicure set

We planned a ‘nail trimming set’

US Christmas in cooperation with Bates, USA

While making a gift set aimed at the season

It has received tremendous attention from consumers in the United States.

At this time, the best record is the single order.

With the first order of ‘1 million’,

The record that was made and delivered was the history of Three Seven

It is located.

Starting with this, the No. 1 discount store in the United States in 1992

I entered the ‘Wal -Mart’

The US market with a 78%share of nail clippers in the United States

I started to monopolize

At this time, Bates, USA, withdrew from the US plant.

To Three Secheven, the OEM method

It was also operated.

However, by the OEM method,

I realized that there was a limit, and in August 1998,

Register the “777” trademark with the US Patent Office.

I applied.

But the problem began here.

This event is that famous

‘777 (Three Seven) vs. Brand War between Boeing 777’

At the time, Boeing prepared for the 777 airplane departure.

In 1990, I had filed a trademark right.

Boeing is when using a brand in the United States in Three Seven.

I notified to pay royalties.

But Three Seven opposed the payment of royalties

This has spread to lawsuits.

But in the United States, unlike Korea

‘Line useism’, not trademark ‘line registrationism’,

It was recognized as a priority.

Fortunately, Three Seven has been called ‘Three Seven’ since 1986.

We submitted data exported to the US as a brand

After about 4 years of dispute, the use of brands with Boeing

I got a great way.

With these events, ‘Three Seven’

I was informed

At this time, Three Seven started his first nail clipper business.

Trimsa, which was an opportunity, also lost its business and to another company.

The world’s nail clipper market is three -seven

I started tilting towards.

Since then, the Chinese market has entered the Chinese market.

In the Chinese market, the company attempted to change by focusing on two things.

1. Focus on design and quality

(The existing nail management set is in the form of a leather wallet

Although it was organized,

Set in a variety of shapes)

2. Active promotion to secure consumers

(Use the helper to cut your nails, and nail clippers

Aggressive promotions to be distributed free of charge)

At the same time,

I bought it all and melted it with a furnace.

The crackdown on counterfeit goods was also thoroughly proceeded.

As a result, Three Seven is on the first floor of China’s Department Store.

Entering a sole store, receiving praise by the Chinese prime minister, etc.

In 2000, CCTV was selected by the three imported luxury goods

It was also selected.

Beyond Korea, as a company in the world

Inheritance tax and other court management that have recently been caught

Three -seven has disappeared a lot of growth engines.

As of 21, as of 20%of the world market MS

Nail clipper N0.1 is firmly kept.

In addition to the quality, with various product marketing for the times

It has continued to grow to both sales and losses.

A tremendous company, ‘777 (Three Seven)’

Currently, founder Kim Hyung -kyu is new

His son -in -law Kim Sang -mook is led.

The nail clipper market that looks like a specification industry

In some ways and methods, prepare a breakthrough

I wonder if I will find the glory of the past.


This 777 (Three Seven) is

As a product planner, he is a brand that has a lot of insights.

In particular, in order to escape from low margin/low sales

From nail clippers to ‘mani cure set (nail trimmed set)’

The part that was expanded to the product was to investigate the data

It was creepy.

Recently, Three Seven has been expanded to various products.

I’m going.

‘Nail clipper/mani cure set/nail tool/kitchen utensils, etc.’

In particular, the nail clippers, which are cash cow categories,

Breaking the TPO

With various sizes and shapes such as ‘silver product/baby product’

It is changing diverse, and recently, ‘hygiene’

As the keywords are socially emerged,

Each family member can use

Changes, such as developing a wearing nail clipper

Products are also developing in time.

The biggest advantage of Three Seven is

I think it is ‘polished/cutting force’.

In addition, the market for the category of ‘beauty’

As high, the market has to break through the market

I think it is.

In terms of directly,

The concept of the product is

Clean and clean brand

Clearly positioning,

I think it is necessary.

In addition, when the recent increase in the population

Not only people but also cats, dogs, etc.

Nails, toenails, and long animals

If you plan and sell a beauty tool, etc.

I think it will be another growth engine.

After uploading and uploading today,

Carefully cut your nails and toenails! Wrapped

I have to sleep and sleep.

In the midst of sleeping, another me appeared and the world

You can’t dizzy!

This is the marketer Kim Dong -sook and Kim Fro.

I hope you have a comfortable week.

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