I did a casino until dawn. He started the casino with the goal of $ 1 million, and he lost $ 10 and returned to the hostel. It was late and we woke up late. Time was tight to go to the Grand Canyon. I woke up, but the bed was so good that we were just in bed. Then a friend said. “Hey, shall we just rest at the hostel today?” My body agreed, but my head did not. I borrowed a car rental yesterday to go to the Grand Canyon. How can I do that? We headed to the parking lot to ride the car with a heavy body and red red eyes.

On my way to the parking lot, I saw the pool inside the hotel. I have to swim in the pool tomorrow morning.

I took a rental car parked in the parking lot and started as a Grand Canyon. The car was pleasant and good. The driver was from a driving bottle, so driving was fast and stable. After breakfast, we ate McDonald’s Tree Drive on the way. The two friends ate McMuffin and I ate hot cakes and sausages. When I ate hot cake, I remembered when I first met Woongi in Chicago. The hot cake was so delicious at that time.

After eating hot cakes, sausages, and mcMuffins, we were vigorously accelerated. I ran the road with exciting songs. I was going for a while and I saw a sign of Hoover Dam. Suddenly I remembered that my friend was worth visiting Hoover Dam.

We turned to the car and headed to Hoover Dam. The size of the dam, built in the 1930s, was very large. It was also famous for its transformers. I was surprised by the size of the dam once and once in hot weather. The weather was steaming and the sunlight was intense. In fact, it was surprised than the size of the dam was the strata of Dolsan behind the dam. As it was drawn with a line, it was as if someone had drawn it as if it were a man.

After seeing Hoover Dam, I came back to the car and the car was hot. We ventured the car and we started running again. A beautiful cloud that travels on the sky with various ways, such as the straight road, the blue sky, the flock of the sheep, the waves swept by the beach, the king’s large cotton candy, and the endless stone fields over the road. On top of it, the streamlined vitality grass, the horizon that is visible on the straight road. It was the landscape of Arizona, which was not seen in other countries. I’ve seen so many different landscapes while traveling, but it’s still so different and there’s a beautiful scenery. The Creator’s hand that created the world is really great.

However, it is a series of too monotonous landscapes, so the driver is likely to be sleepy. The speed of the vehicle is not realized. If you have a wrong accident, it will lead to a big accident. We stopped at a gas station in moderation, and we bought something, I bought, went to the toilet, stretched, and filled the oil. I bought a beef jerky stick at the rest area, but I felt it. I was adding oil, and my grandmother came to a gas station with a flashing polarizing sunglasses and driving a red large Ford truck. The grandmother’s grandmother enjoying her old age was very cool. I want to be able to live my life as soon as possible. How long can’t my parents dedicate their lives to be backed by their ugly children?

Filling all oil, we headed to the Grand Canyon. We arrived in the Grand Canyon for a few hours, and the entrance fee for the national park paid $ 30 and entered the park. But only $ 30 was just a park. What’s this. It was just a park with a grass forest and a park.

But people found that they went in the same direction. We headed to where people went. People headed somewhere in the parking lot. We headed in the direction of people. As I went, I saw a part of the Grand Canyon that I saw in the picture. In order to see the wonderful scenery, you have to calm down the excitement. It was as if I waited without eating delicious food and enjoyed eating while I was eating it. My friend and I lowered the palms that covered the vision and looked forward.

Wow! …… I looked at it. The speech was blocked by the surreal scenery. Nature’s emotion has been so unparalleled with what is made by man. Obviously, I was looking with my eyes, 바카라 but it was an illusion of looking at the picture. I remembered that in Petra in Jordan, which I went in when I was in the first year of college, someone said that Petra’s landscape was cooler than the Grand Canyon. It was also a place in the last scene of the drama ‘Missaeng’. Although the climate was similar, Jordan’s Petra and the Grand Canyon of the United States were completely different. If Petra feels like a round rock, the Grand Canyon feels like a rainbow cake cake.

I went to the bathroom and covered my eyes in the same way with a friend who came late. The friend was frozen for a while after saying, “Wow.” I want to take a picture of the wonderful scenery. Because I want to remember and leave that moment.

We enjoyed the Grand Canyon and took pictures. We enjoyed the moment, looking at the natural scenery that is not included in the picture and nevertheless.

The photographs enjoyed at the end of the dizzy cliff have been written. As we came out of Canyon, we said that we were so good.

The skin is ripe in strong sunlight and we went to the bathroom and washed it with cold water. When I washed my face, I had a grand cany year. It was just water. I came up urgently from the cliff and accidentally stepped on my friend’s sunglasses. I apologized for being sorry, but my friend smiles cool.

When I go back to the hostel, I see a tourist bus from Las Vegas. I enjoyed it at a price cheaper than the sightseeing bus. It was an unforgettable moment on a trip to the United States. Grand Canyon. It was really Grandy. As a matter of connecting Bluetooth, I listen to songs of the same list from morning to now. One friend sings by memorizing the list of songs. I listen to IU songs, but I don’t know other songs, but I can listen to IU songs. I want to listen to it someday. When I go back to Las Vegas, I want to eat delicious food and rest well.

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