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Do you die because of cancer? Are you rich in a company? What is it?

Fool’s real estate story

Adults are all.

Fool adults.

Gangwon -do, Wonju, and the Ascon Plant.

are you okay?

Do you die now?


Are we working well and rich?

What the hell is it?

It’s my hometown.

-Ascon plant in Seowonju, Gangwon -do, was allowed.

-Lotte Chilsung bottled water factory in Buk -myeon, Yeongwol -gun, Gangwon -do.

Everyone went to the countryside during Chuseok

You may have actually had such a problem, such as rural land, rural real estate, and inheritance issues.

Today, when a factory enters a rural village, I want to talk about before and after the process.

Korea is a horses. As a latitude, the earth’s turning power is acting, and the lifetime winds are blown throughout the four seasons.

The typhoon always comes up and returns to the East Sea.

-I have done similar work in the five largest groups.

-I have worked with the 3rd and 4th grade civil servants and the Land Research Institute during the Gwacheon Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs.

-Later, while working at the bank, the officials who actually had a lot of land dumping in the Namwonju station area and innovative city of Bangok -dong are well known.

-Lotte Chilsung bottled water factory in Buk -myeon, Yeongwol, Gangwon -do.

So recently, I would like to talk about the campaign against the rural village ascon factory.

He said he had already granted permission in the city,

Therefore, I know that the citizens of Buryaburya are creating public opinion.

In my opinion, the conclusions are all determined anyway.

However, how to look at the overall framework,

I am writing to show that vision.

I would like to predict the process of the past and the future process.

Western Wind: The wind comes to the southwest and returns to the northeast.

If you look at the map, you know,

Building an Ascon plant in the usual road does not give the environmental impact to the northern Seowonju enterprise city, which has to cross the mountain.

On the contrary, the area that affects

It is an area that directly affects the east direction to Manjong, Usan -dong, Namwonju, and Museum -dong.

Northern cities in the designated business city do not have a significant impact environment because the wind blows east due to the wind. How about thinking about the people of Mujil -dong who have to oppose violently?

I am curious about it.


Large corporations have already been evaluated that there is no environmental impact in legal and legally in line with other Ascon factory cases.

Wonju -si civil servant

There is no legal problem, so I just gave it a license. (Officials have no choice but to give permission.)

There is no fault. I was treated as regulations. Bae. It is safe. That’s the original civil servant.

Add to

Jobs increase.

Factory people will go up the corporate city and often eat out at the mall as a corporate card.

So the business will improve.

It may be like this.

Let’s look at other cases.

If you look at the apartments of 2 to 3 billion near Seocho Arts Center,

There are many cases of building apartments, and there is a lot of disputes in the south.

I built and sold it, but I thought it was South Hyang -dong.

However, if you try to do something with the law, there is no way to walk legally by building a new apartment with an accurate volume ratio.

So how do nearby landlords react?


Similar cases in the past

Let’s look at the construction of Gangwon Land, Jeongseon, Gangwon -do.

The wife of the staff who attended the Sabuk -eup Post Office at that time (early 1990s)

Kangwon Land is currently receiving 1.9 billion pyeong of land in the casino hotel.

Because he couldn’t invest, he invested 9 million won in the land of Sabuk Medical Clinic.

It is said that he later received 1.9 billion pyeong of compensation.

Recently, the case of Deoksang -ri, Buk -myeon, Yeongwol, Gangwon -do

Lotte Chilsung has already purchased 6 billion worths of forests per pyeong.

Nadaeji-ji before-answers are not yet organized.

Lotte themselves are not bottled water factories, but have invested, and the area has already been used as a bottled water source in the past, so everyone is not doubtful that it is a land purchase that is minded in the construction of the bottled water factory. (There is already an investment intention to Yeongwol -gun’s 33,000 -pyeong bottled water plant.)

In the case of large companies, like Yeongwol, a bottled water plant is built, or

To set up an Ascon factory like Wonju Normal -ri,

Already buy all the local lands in advance.

It also does not buy it directly,

Use a broker to buy the land as a budget base.

If it is 100,000 won per pyeong, you will be tricked for 300,000 won for rural people?

It never tells you to build a factory. I cheated like that, and I bought it,

Later, if a small number of grids noticed and endured,

At that time, it is a method of paying 2 million won to 3 million won and purchasing it in a hurry.

I mentioned the case.

Now let’s do positioning.

major company

They are legally legal teams anyway.

It would have done the environmental impact assessment.

I also licensed. Just build the factory now.

Wonju -si civil servant

There is no environmental impact assessment problem.

There is no problem with the regulations.

Public officials only give licensed by regulations,

It is not a position to be subjective to opposition.


Land compensation comes in huge.

There is no reason to oppose.

People near the surrounding factory

From here, understanding is now divided.

You will be opposed to the people who bought the land and returned home to send them old age.

It may be, and there are some people who will sell expensive and think different.

Nearby elementary school

This will all be opposed to it.

Wonju Corporate City

It is normal to oppose here, and public opinion will be high.

Wonju City, such as Stage -dong, Usan -dong, Wonju -si

This is where the western winds are returned, so it is actually the most directly damaged area.

However, environmental impact assessments will be said to have no damage.

How do you really damage, academic and scientific basis?

Are you just seeing the opposite?

Can you trust the environmental impact assessment itself?

I do not know.

Local residents should first drive public opinion.

There is no choice but to be a position.


Let’s look at the situation of Wonju City Hall.

Consider the market’s position.

The officials below gave license.

Already at the Ascon Plant, there are all operations in Wonju -si.

In the case of Yeongwol -gun, the military has been

I went to Lotte Giants Baseball Stadium.

Then think about the position of Wonju Market.

When is the next election …?

So when is the next election …?

There are a lot of …

If you think, it is safe to have a license without any politically burdened burden.

It means to look at it with a wide field of view.

The opposite logic …?

The logic of favor …?

The logic is what happens when you make it all.

In conclusion, let’s organize now.

What can citizens can do at this point …

To collect the opposite public opinion ,,,

Doing the stalls ,,,

I also protested by watching ,,,

I’m trying something …

Will it work … Shouldn’t it work …

Is another problem …

Maybe you are thinking like this for the city hall …

-The name color is a new city, but,,

-The electricity is dragged without a cogeneration plant ,,,

-There is no own ossuary ,,, I have to approve one license ,,,

-Do you have a garbage incinerator …? I have to approve a license in a new town ,,,

You have to be self -sufficient …

Don’t nimby …

Public officials may actually think …

In fact, the problem of four evil facilities coming in

When a new city is created, it is necessary to come in together

This problem is

The former Pangyo New Town was no exception.

New towns have to be self -sufficient,

Get good

I don’t like bad things ,,,

Will this logic be established ,,,

They are armed with law

Armed with environmental impact assessment

The license has already been completed ,,,

How can I win …?

Shouldn’t you find another alternative?

-It hiring young people with more than 30% of regular employees among factory employees

-Prance to the environmental charge and write publicly

-The demand for other cultural facilities or park facilities (the reference is like Ulsan University Park made by Ulsan SK Group)

While demanding this

I think it may be right to solve it.

In fact, when Hyundai was first built in Yeongwol cement factory, Hyundai Jung Joo -young came down

I will hire all the local youth. I asked you to make a factory. Many of the houses live well as they have been in the retirement age of 30-40 years of cement factory.

If you know it so far

If you think about it by expanding your view so far

What will citizens think now?

Ascon factory permits that have completed the environmental impact assessment,

Is it really a first -class carcinogen to threaten my life?

Isn’t it a bite? What is the exact reason for the threat of carcinogens …?

Public officials are stupid and to kill citizens

Did you just allow the factory?

Who is fake it as a first -class carcinogen

Is it incite citizens to take political interests?

Or is the environmental impact assessment false?

Are we deceived by the fake environmental impact assessment?

What about other Ascon factories?

You’ll have to think about it so 온라인카지노 much now …

The area is currently

As if the factory comes in, it emits a first -class carcinogen and everyone dies

It is false. It’s so sad and funny when I go to it.

It was also at the representative meeting of the tenant.

Many of the tenants will be self -employed and there are many employees who go to a nearby factory.

Above all, the need for neutrality and objectivity,

The tenant’s representatives carry out the protests, which are the opinions of the entire residents.

I think this is not right.

I was opposed to the crazy family ,,,

-In the new city, it occurs in the garbage incinerator.

-Increase in ossuary.

-Crogged power plant.

-Sewage treatment plant is created.

Four hate facilities to be self -sufficient,

Everything is licensed.

In fact, Pangyo New Town.

It is Bundang Pangyo New Town, Gyeonggi -do, where all four hate facilities were built.

How to actually speculate with high -ranking, long -term and politicians with slush funds

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All social problems in the world are

-The opposite logic

-The logic of favor can also be created.

This world

-It is a series of fierce fights by keeping myself and my family.

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Adults are all.

Fool adults.

Stupid Uncle Study 1 -Choding Middle School

Fool’s study 2 -Let’s go to special high school

Don’t sell the countryside. Trading 3 billion pyeong of forest forest forest

How to actually speculate with high -ranking, long -term and politicians with slush funds

If you want to go to SKY, you want to go to the prestigious student.