It is remembered as one morning in December last year, when the 2020 was not left in 2020, when the winter was true and the situation that was not in Corona.

When I woke up in the morning, I woke up earlier than usual, so the window looked black. It was an empty stomach, but I felt a cold winter breeze for some reason, and I felt unusually dark at dawn, so I went to the kitchen and had a cup of mixed coffee. I didn’t have a nightmare at night, but I felt like I started my day with such a bad condition.

This day was exceptionally busy in the morning. I was able to go to work only in front of the house so that people who arranged the documents and documents to send the letters and documents to spend the morning meetings, and organized the garbage by organizing the garbage and collecting the garbage. . The tracking tracking began to fall while I went to work. In California, which is familiar with hot orange sun and palm trees, it is relatively rainy in winter, and it is very raining when it rains. There was no umbrella, so I had to come from the parking lot to the office.

I came to the office and brushed my wet hair and clothes with my hands. When I was looking for a towel, I found a donut brought by the secretary and a hot drip coffee that had just got off the shelf and exuded the steam on the shelf. Sitting in a seat, eating a bite of donuts with a lot of sugar and a sip of hot black coffee, the busy and foolish heart was stable.

Looking at the smartphone, someone had an email.

“I am living in LA XXX area. Can I get a consultation?”

It was very short, but I felt something urgent. As much as possible, I replied that I would like to tell you a simple introduction, contact information, and what the problem. I heard an alarm sound that showed that the email arrived at the moment when I sent a donut in my hand and got up with a cup of coffee.

“I’m 53 years old, and my name is XXX. My cell phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX”

As soon as the consultation booked at 10 am, I called the woman. Since then, the relationship with him and a client has begun.

She, a 53 -year -old single woman, has been rapidly unstable since the beginning of Corona, and complained that it is difficult to live properly because of the severe panic disorder. The sun changed and the sun changed, and it was in 2021, and when I talked with her, the trauma experiences I experienced as a child were huge and qualitatively. And when she came to the United States in her twenties, she lived sincerely and went to a stable job. I was busy and fiercely lived, so I spent time, and she missed the confusion. It was not difficult to stay alone, but as the corona lasted for more than a year and the life pattern changed, depression and panic disorder symptoms were severe, especially at night, especially who wanted to be together. So he sometimes invited a close woman attending the same church to his house, and if they agreed, he encouraged him to sleep at home.

On the surface, it looks strong, but her case, which is still in the inside, is not an easy case. The more I heard, the more tragic experiences and sad stories have been poured out, and I have to revise the early treatment plan that I have built up because I thought she had understood her.

In the beginning, she spent only time listening to her story, feelings, and thoughts that were spitting out in a furious tone like a waterfall. Sometimes I showed a hysterical reaction to me, a counselor, and projected my wounds and heart stains. However, there was a little bit of trust between the client and the counselor between her and me. Based on that relationship, I made her walk, and I continued to consult with her behind her three steps.

I don’t know if there was only a problem in the psychological part, but she had pain and diseases in her back, her back and neck. So, in addition to psychological counseling with me, a reservation schedule with other experts has always been written in her notebook. Sometimes she was psychologically unstable, hysterical, and she looked clunky, but the more she heard her, the stronger the willingness to help her.

He talked about her case with other colleagues at the meeting and received consulting. He also read a professional book and collected data on how the client with similar symptoms or history was effectively treated.

It was because of that effort, and her symptoms improved noticeably from this spring. For example, I was scared at night and I couldn’t sleep properly even if I ate neuro stabilizer, so I was able to sleep until morning without waking up in the middle of the way. You can do it without feeling. I felt as rewarding 카지노 and joy about such improvements and changes.

It was the end of May when the weather became hotter and the season turned to summer. Her case now has been in a relatively stable right and was thought to focus on the treatment of counseling with her trauma. Because of the positive changes and improvements that have occurred in the meantime, she and I also trusted each other little by little. But from one day, unexpected things have been happened. I have never been that before, and she gradually canceled the counseling reservation just before the consultation time. At first, I thought it might be once or twice, but I was wondering why she was doing because it happened five or more times. The problem is that she is not in contact with her anymore. So for about two months, she lost contact with her, and of course she couldn’t do it for two months.

One day when he was busy with something else, she called her, and she asked me to talk to me that night. I had time, and most of all, I was curious about her situation, so I waited for her in the office for counseling with her late at work. About five minutes later than the booked time, she felt like someone else. The weight seemed to be a little missing, something was different, and most of all, my eyes were different.

Sitting in his seat, she smiled awkwardly and asked her. And in the meantime, he said in detail what happened to him. Her case was a case that was more new, the more new things were coming out, but I heard that I heard me as if it was a hammer. She has improved panic disorder from spring. Thanks to the griging, she was able to drive freely and comfortably like before and go to where you want. It was a good thing, but at the same time it was a problem. I never told me, but in fact she was a gambling addict. Before she went out, she went to a nearby casino on weekends and gambled without knowing how to go and eventually came home after the money fell. I did a lot of efforts to cut off the gambling, but I couldn’t stop it, and I’ve been spending time and money so I’ve been spending loneliness and momentary pleasure.

As the Corona situation began, she began to panic disorder and depression, so she could not drive and stayed at home. That’s why gambling has not been for the past year, which has been the beginning of a dramatic gambling treatment. However, as a result of forced gambling, her body and mind caused some kind of withdrawal symptoms. If you think about it now, her panic disorder symptoms were slightly different from other panic disorder symptoms. I don’t think it was. For example, she said she couldn’t read the book and said it was difficult to sing and sing. These symptoms are far from the symptoms that panic disorders often say.

She has been back to the gambling hall since last spring. So there was no money. As a result, there was no money to pay for the consultation, so I canceled the counseling every time. When she heard her story with her sad eyes and sad eyes, I became a shame and sad heart like her. For some reason, I felt like my work was in vain.

I asked her what to do in the future. She said she didn’t know.

On my way home after consultation with her, my heart became very heavy and foolish. Above all, she was very worried. I’m not a gambling addiction, but I know gambling addiction is more fatal than other addiction. First of all, if the money is associated, it may be economically destroyed if it is wrong, and if you have a spouse, you may be very neglected in the physical and mental relationships with your spouse. Just as the opposite of anxiety is confidence, the opposite of addiction is a good relationship with people. She was thirsty for her relationship with people. So we talked a lot about that. In the absence of relationships and self -esteem, she was lonely and chose her loud lights and sounds that soothe her. As I reflect on such a situation, I see me sighing beyond the regret about her.

The next day I reported the current situation of this case to the director. The director who heard the situation also said nothing for a long time. And I opened my mouth heavily and said to me.

“Our counseling center is not a gambling addiction counseling center. Of course, you would like to continue to care for the client, but from the ethical level, it is a case that goes beyond our professional category, so refer her as soon as possible. There is also a limit to saying that we can change her only by holding her, but only with the knowledge and experiences we know.

As I expected, the director answered.

I also had a heavy heart, but I called her and explained the paper. Inevitably, he said he was the best to leave you to gambling addiction experts. At first, she was excited to hear that, and he was scared and thrown away. I quit.

And the next day she came to her.

“I found a gambling addiction expert. Thank you so much.”

This case was a very unusual and complex case. I actually think there are some parts that I can help her, except for gambling. Trauma treatment, panic disorder treatment, and depression treatment. And it feels cold and deprived of her relationship with her and a client. However, it should be a little colder in this case. If you think about what she needs the most and what is the most important change, this was a necessary thing and an appropriate choice.

On my way home, I noticed the big casino billboards that were usually noticeable next to the highway. I was worried about whether she could recover well, and I was sorry for some reason. From a young age, the casino felt so treated with her, who had been treated from people and society around him and grew up without warm love and attention.

It is an invisible exploitation, oppression, and a world that seduces and hardens people. In this world, I became a counselor to become a lighthouse that is a small light for those who sail hard on the lonely sea. Today, I was wondering if I was playing my role as a counselor as I saw a star floating on the sky on my way home. And to be a counselor who helps people to be more helpful, I wondered what counselor and even what kind of person should be.

It is a night when the heart feels heavy.

I wish her health and happiness.

We must meet again someday.


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