Murakami of Comedy Combination Magical Love Buri appears on the 18th broadcast “ABEMA / every Sunday at 23:00). He laments “Young Slot separation” along 크레이지슬롯 with MC Chidori Daigo. [Photo] In this broadcast, “Pachitifesal” Ken, who bothered into a suit and pretends to be a salaried worker to deceive a pachinko parlor, is a lecturer who is worried about young people’s slots away, and a special project that teaches the charm of slots and the secrets of the slot. “Hot blood! Slot school” opened. Gravure idol Sayaka Tomomaru and comedy combination, Tokyo Hyoteisson, will appear as a studio guest, and will participate in the “Slot School” with Daigo. At the beginning, Daigo lamented, “This is a big deal.” “I learned about half of my life in the slot. Everything is clogged,” said Murakami: Murakami, who started the lecture and said, “I want to convey the goodness of the slot today,” said Murakami, who said, “Slots are cool!” Daigo commented, “Did the teacher can say this already?” Murakami also said, “I’ve been here for almost 20 years and arrived here. Put up. Murakami writes three keywords, “Medal, Pecari, and eyes” to explain “what is cool in the slot”, but the Tokyo Hyoteison’s Shogo, who has never hit a slot, is confused. The expression of. In addition, there is one act that Daigo excites lectures with the practice on the slot platform prepared in the studio. The “Chance Time” featuring Murakami will be broadcast on Abema at 23:00 on the 18th. After that, it was overlooked for one week.

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Toru Hashishita is burning by attracting Shanghai Electric Power. Saki Mega Solar Construction in Osaka City [Restoration Association, Heizo Takenaka, Yoshimura, Osaka Casino, Russia, Judayamane– XHSMC Yokohama 강원랜드슬롯머신검증사이트 A major construction company has put it on, but it has been preventing the construction of casinos.

Mr. Takaichi is a very suitable person for politics. The Liberal Democratic Party cannot support, but for some reason, it is excellent that former Prime Minister Abe does not hate it.–xhsmc | 2022-05-14 17:31
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