A picture of a 5000 -year history is posted every day on the social network service (SNS) that 2030 generations enjoy. The cumulative number is about 190,000. ‘Hanbok’. #Hanbok Stargram #Modern Hanbok #Hanbok life, etc. He uses hanbok as a “fashion” means of his own personality and splendor, such as traveling through the world, traveling around the world or going to work. They call themselves “hanboker” (a new word that means hanbok).

The 2030 generation enjoying hanbok is changing. Until three to four years ago, most of the people who rented traditional hanboks from Hanbok rental stores near Hanok Village in Jeonju, Jeonbuk, and Seoul’s famous palaces, and used them as “sparkling fashion” for a day. But now, more and more people are buying relatively inexpensive and practical living hanbok. As more people are looking for hanbok with everyday clothes, the people wearing hanbok have also changed to one person. If most of them were wearing a hanbok with friends or lovers, and now, they can easily find people who wear hanbok and enjoy personal life on the street.

The most prominent “Hanboker”, the most prominent recently, is people who take care of their lives in their bags when they go on a trip. They wear a hanbok with a comfortable design to be active and travel around the world. Jeon Hye -jin (32), who has been traveling around the world since August, also wears hanbok. Jeon said, “There are many foreigners who don’t know anything about Korea, so I started my trip to Hanbok.” “

Hanbok, which uses bright colors and colorful patterns, also represent the traveler’s excitement. Shim Jung -yeon (29), who traveled to Jeju Island for the first time this winter, said, “I was wearing a red jeogori, but I am satisfied with me with a unique and lively appearance even if I take a picture in any place.” It feels special with one hanbok. ”

For the 2030 generation pursuing newness, Hanbok is approaching a different design. Unlike Western clothes, which are produced in three dimensions according to their body shape, hanbok is made in a flat form, and the flow of clothes and lines vary depending on the person who wears. The personality and beauty of the wearer are maximized. For modern people with high desire for self -expression, hanbok is a tool for ‘personality expression’. In addition, people in hanbok gain psychological satisfaction through SNS sharing.

As more people are looking for hanbok, materials and designs have diversified. The material has changed to be convenient to manage. In addition to both ends and water silks used as fabrics of traditional hanbok, you can find hanbok made of practical materials such as cotton, Ma, and denim. In design, modern paintings such as check and flower patterns are added. In addition, traditional hanbok was worn with underpants to anesthesia, ancient skirts, a trick, a jersey, and a gun. In the form, there are jersey with buttons that are difficult to tie and unpacking pus, waist skirts that can be worn around skirts, and dress hanboks that can be worn abundantly over skirts. The length is shortened from the ankle length to the knee length to increase the activity.

Hanbok, which has a modern design, goes well with ordinary clothes and is also used as a commute dress for office workers. It is cool to wear 바카라사이트/a> a hanbok waist at a normal blouse or wear a knit that comes up to the neck and wears a dress hanbok. Lee Ji -eon, CEO of Modern Hanbok brand Hapli, said, “Hanbok is popular with a person who is relatively chubby, a calm and elegant atmosphere because the lower body is close to the upper body and the lower body is rich.” The style of mixing a bend hanbok skirt is popular with office workers. ”

If you buy a hanbok only by looking at the design, it may look big, so it’s a good idea to wear it yourself. If you are the first person to challenge the hanbok, you should especially care about the purchase of jeogori. At the time of the modern hanbok brand, Rot Salon’s manager Ye Kwang -ho said, “There is no tightening of the jeoki, so if you do it wrong, you can see the chest, so you need to check it after wearing it.” .

Due to the nature of the hanbok design, you should also care for the underwear worn inside. If you wear a traditional hanbok, you wear a chest hunger in a jeogori and covers the flesh between the jeogori and the skirt, but when you wear a casual hanbok without a breasts, it is useful to wear camisols without sleeves. Kang Ji -young, head of the underwear brand Vivian, said, “Wearing pure cotton camisol can help absorb sweat and prevent flesh on hanbok fabrics.”

Written by Rayejin (rayejin@joongang.co.kr)

Photo = freelancer Kim Dong -ha, provided by each case


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