Ayut has announced the special color model “Kann Max Brown Mud”, which is a special color model of DAP “Kann Max”, which is a special color model of DAP “Kann Max” from the company’s brand Astell & Kern. We announced that it will be released in Japan around October. The price is 199,980 yen (tax included), and the official domestic reservation start / release 크레이지슬롯 date will be announced again as soon as it is confirmed. A limited number of DAP “KANN MAX” with the concept of high -power / low distortion / high SN ratio, while maintaining the concept of the KANN series with a powerful and luxurious color. variation. The coloring of Brown Mud, which has power and luxury, has further enhanced the KANN series identity with a bold and heavy concept. The specifications are equivalent to normal Kann Max. DAC is equipped with two ESS “ES9038Q2M”, two left and right, each. In addition, a brand -specific solution “TERATON ALPHA”, which aims to improve power efficiency and remove power noise by integrating the main circuits, is also used to play with PCM 768kHz/32bit and DSD 22.4MHz. The headphone output is equipped with three systems, 3.5mm unbalanced / 2.5mm balance / 4.4mm balance, and achieves a high output of up to 15 VRMS and has a four -stage gain adjustment function. There are many wireless aspects such as Bluetooth 5.0 and LDAC / APTX HD codec support, Bluetooth transmission reception support, network audio playback function “AK Connect”, “AK File Drop” that allows you to transfer music files via a network. The built -in storage capacity is 64GB and one MicroSD card slot is also installed. It also supports USB-DAC function, USB digital audio output function, and optical digital output from 3.5mm jack.

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The government casino management committee, which manages and supervises integrated resort (IR) businesses, including casinos, has nine types, including “poker” and “Baccarat”, about games 온라인슬롯머신검증사이트 that are recognized by casinos in Japan on the 2nd. An enforcement rules have been announced. After a public comment (public offering) to be conducted until May 9, casino enforcement rules will be decided. According to the rules, the nine games are Baccarat, Twenty One (Blackjack, etc.), Poker, Roulette, Chick Bo, Casino War, Money Wheel, Pigo. According to the rules, in order to prevent fraud, the presence or absence of the connection with the antisocial forces of the main shareholders and executives is to be determined in advance, and the criminal history and bankruptcy history such as officers and dealers will be investigated in advance. I also included things. As a countermeasure against gambling, casino operators restrict users who are suspected of addiction for at least one year or more. It also stated that business operators would oblige the installation desk for users and families. [Shiho Fujibuchi]

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Nine types of Japanese casino, poker and baccarat, 9 types of government management committee …