1. <3808> OK Wave Name Certificate N 32.5 102 Temporary Dispatch

2. <6769> Zain TSE S 25.1 1306 Run up to the stop in front of the stop and renew the high price of the year

3. <2437> Shinwa Wazing TS24.4 1531 S Stop height for the first time in 14 and a half years, 1500 yen

4. <4772> Stream M TSE G 23.2 250

5. <4169> Enchanment Tei Stock Exchange G 23.1 1396 Real Estate Tech’s Sumasapo and EV charging business

6. <4316> Bemap TSE G 19.9 603 S Drone related

7. <9820> Genex TSE S 18.2 3270 S

8. <3739> Comesed name N 17.7 526 Casino related

9. <4375> Safey TSE G 17.7 666 S

10. <7707> PSS TSE G 17.3 543 S Salul Xox virus test kit to Sales in July

11. <9252> Last One M TSE G 16.3 712 S Call Center Corporation Expected to expand business

12. <9227> Microw wave TSE G 15.4 750 S The initial price is lower than the published price, but it is turned over.

13. <4199> One plastic TSE G 14.8 2387 Game -related

14. <6699> Diamond HD TSE P 13.6 1678 Electric vehicle related

15. <2345> Kushim TS 12.9 551 The official version of “CURECOS”, which is developed by a subsidiary, is launched on the 29th

16. <1711> SDSHD TS 12.0 466

17. <4177> I -PluG TSE G 11.7 2749

18. <6619> WSCOPE TSE P 11.7 2228 Acceleration of investment funds accelerated by Kosdak listing of Korean subsidiaries

19. <3238> Central TSES 11.6 665 Lightness in terms of supply and demand, such as the cheapness of the indicators and the remnants of credit.

20. <4017> Cream TSE G 10.8 708

21. <7080> 카지노 Sports F TSE G 10.6 2810

22. <5029> Cark Race TSE G 10.6 1179

23. <4461> Ichigokoku TSE P 9.7 2207 Up to the upper limit of 850,000 shares in -house shares

24. <7698> Iceco TS 9.7 1749 I think about increasing ice demand due to vigilance in intense heat

25. <4020> Beat Trend TSE G 9.7 2474

26. <9107> Kawasaki TSE P 9.6 8640 Ultra -low PER and outstanding dividend yield.

27. <4179> Ginext TSE G 9.2 416

28. <7063> Birdman TSE G 9.2 2205 Metabers related

29. <6149> Odawara Engine TS9.1 1775 Electric vehicles related

30. <7356> Letty TSE G 9.1 373

Good evening.

Recently my favorite anime

“Ricoris Recoil”.

She found a novel at a bookstore,

She had forgotten it once

Meet again at other bookstores

Because it has been done

I made my child (laughs)

I like this song too much

While listening to You Tube

I practice (laughs)


So far

I like it recently.

From here


It’s a part.

Even the same topic

How to receive

Is this also different?

I have felt it.

https://ja.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ %e4 %BA %95 %E5 %b7 %9de

The top of the former “Daio Paper” is

Molten over 10 billion in Baccarat

There was an incident.



In this commentary

I knew it.


Familiar with educational You Tuber

It is Atsuhiko Nakata.


Hey (・ ∀ ・)! ! !

Wow! ! ! (・ ∀ ・)


If you think

Next time

The person himself

About that matter



Look at You Tube.


Then then.

This one is

Something bright (・ ∀ ・)

The person himself

Because it’s being talked about



Even the same story


Is it different?

I was surprised.

What I want to say is

When getting information

Choose a narrator,

about it.


“Be careful”

Very serious

Will you take it?


Whether you can receive it positively


It changes dramatically.

Atsuhiko Nakata

Your own

Both of them were interesting, so

I am not criticizing.


He only listens to one

I think the great impression is different

I feel it.

Something for you

When you want to know

Who wants to hear from the mouth

Make a closer look

Please purchase information.


In the second opinion


To the extent that it doesn’t get confused

More than one entrance

You may 해외토토사이트 have it.

Because it is a world with excessive information,

What is right to decide what is right

Not easy.

At that time

In my heart

Until YES comes out

Please face each other.

Then again.

Tonight on you too

I wish you a quiet night.